Génération Fruit,
specialising in the Greece origin

Génération Fruit imports kiwifruit, asparagus, watermelon, oranges, pomegranates and grapes from Greece. In particular, its level of integration with Kavala Coop, a cooperative dating back to 1927 with approximately 200 member producers in the region of Kavala in north-eastern Greece, along the Nestos River, illustrates Génération Fruit’s total control over its products imported from Greece. Génération Fruit is the exclusive French distributor for the Greek cooperative, which produces over 10,000 tonnes of kiwifruit and 1,000 tonnes of asparagus per year. Both of these products are distributed by Génération Fruit in France. But here, the partnership is being taken even further: Génération Fruit and Kavala Coop, which is GlobalGap certified, have developed a marketing campaign for France relying on the creation of a slogan – “The flavours of Greece” – for kiwifruit, asparagus and watermelon, and the joint design of specific packaging for the French market. The two partners participate in trade shows in Berlin (Fruit Logistica) and Perpignan (Medfel) together. And that’s not all: several hectares of land currently being cultivated will soon bear their fruits (cherries, pears) and will further strengthen a solid partnership to benefit French consumers. And last but not least: Génération Fruit ensures a transit time of 48 hours in refrigerated lorries, thanks to roll-on/roll-off logistics at the company’s main warehouses.

Fruits and vegetables imported from Greece

Génération Fruit also specialises in the following countries

Tunisie, Égypte, Turquie, Afrique du Sud , Ghana, Italie, Israël, Grèce.


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