Génération Fruit,
specialising in the Tunisia origin

36 hours by boat from Marseille, Tunisia was among the first countries to supply French importers with fruits and vegetables. It owes its appeal in particular to a few gems, including the famous Deglet Nour date and the Maltese orange, for which Tunisia is the sole producer in the Cap Bon region. Both products have been imported by Génération Fruit since it was created in 2007, thanks to the experience of its members who have been working with this country for many years. Tunisia also boasts many other resources, such as the famous Gabsi pomegranate, in addition to artichokes, fava beans and watermelon, which are also imported into France by Génération Fruit. Génération Fruit has the GiFruit (Groupement Interprofessionnel des Fruits) certification issued by the Tunisian authorities, which authorises it to represent Tunisian exporters of Maltese oranges in France.

Fruits and vegetables imported from Tunisia

Génération Fruit also specialises in the following countries

Tunisie, Égypte, Turquie, Afrique du Sud , Ghana, Italie, Israël, Grèce.


Artichokes, Pomegranates, Oranges

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Kiwi Fruits, Pears, Grapes

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Lemons, Pomegranates, Pomelos

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Asparagus, Pomegranates, Kiwi Fruits, Oranges, Watermelons, Grapes

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Avocados, Small Citrus, Pomegranates, Dates

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Avocados, Lemons, Oranges, Pears

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