Importing fruits and vegetables
into France since 2007

Specialising in the following origins: Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Israel, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey, South Africa
In the heart of Marseille, a hub for international trade
5 ports of discharge, 4 warehouses

Génération Fruit, specialising in specific origins

Génération Fruit was created in 2007 by two professionals with experience importing fruits and vegetables into France. Their original idea was to specialise in certain origins to anticipate their customers’ requirements through their knowledge and management of sources.

Génération Fruit thus approaches its business as an importer of fruits and vegetables into France in a spirit of close collaboration with its producer-shippers based in countries well known to its founders after many years of professional contacts: the Mediterranean region with Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, and Greece; Africa with Ghana and South Africa; and also Turkey.

This collaborative model allows it to regularly supplement its range of products and offer its customers marketing tools to expand their business and boost their sales.

Because the mission of Génération Fruit is to provide French consumers with impeccable fruits and vegetables, it has made quality and safety the pillars of its development, furthered by seamless logistics.

In an age characterised by globalisation, the digitisation of the economy and electronic communication, Génération Fruit remains a people-oriented company, convinced that the quality of the products and services delivered depends first and foremost on the quality of human relations.

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Quality: a requirement

Génération Fruit has put into place a policy under which products are systematically approved on receipt by competent staff at the receiving platform or an independent assessment firm. Below are the main checks undertaken (non-exhaustive list): visual inspection of products; inspection of the general state of wrapping and packaging; standardisation inspection; size measurement using loop sizers, callipers and perforated sizing plates; temperature readings and/or cold chain inspection; ripeness testing; colour testing; Brix measurement using refractometry; firmness analysis with a penetrometer.

Food safety: a commitment

Génération Fruit is committed to ensuring the safety of its products. It all starts with the rigorous selection of suppliers, most of which are certified and compliant with the French and European standards. In addition to this prior guarantee offered by Génération Fruit, phytosanitary tests are undertaken on receipt of products, regardless of their origin, by the phytosanitary laboratory Phytocontrol based on samples taken in warehouses. This renowned European laboratory tests for pesticides, metals, mycotoxins and GMOs; it can also recommend additional analyses depending on the product; lastly, it keeps Génération Fruit informed of any changes in the standards, which it regularly monitors.

Tried and tested logistics

In the sector of fresh products, the transit time between producers and consumers is critical. That is why Génération Fruit has developed a customised logistics model in order to shorten transit times as much as possible with each strategic country of origin: products from the Mediterranean are unloaded in Marseille – Fos-sur-Mer; those from Western Africa transit through Port-Vendres; and those from South Africa and South America are discharged in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Marseille-Fos-sur-Mer.

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Génération Fruit followed the same approach when choosing the locations of its warehouses. It thus has warehouses at the Rungis, Arnavaux and Perpignan wholesale markets. And to further increase its level of service and quality, it has a logistics base in Noves, at the heart of the heavy goods transport hub of southern France. Located right on the facilities of a carrier, it provides Génération Fruit with a high level of logistical flexibility. In this way, products can be received and shipped later in the day.

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50 years of experience at your service

Together, the workers at Génération Fruit have over 50 years of experience importing fruits and vegetables into France. They use this experience on a daily basis to benefit the fruit and vegetable industry, both at the production source and in France, where they serve wholesalers, purchasing offices and exporters.

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