Stéphane Touyaret

With a Master’s degree in agri-food management from ISEMA, Stéphane has been working in the fruit and vegetable sector for 20 years, with dual experience in mass distribution and imports-exports, handling both sourcing and sales. In other words, he knows the importing business inside and out. What does he enjoy? Human relations. And he admits a preference for sales, which is where everything begins, according to him. He excels at taking the pulse of the market, detecting trends and anticipating expectations. Stéphane is also an avid fan of all sports. It is no coincidence that Génération Fruit supports the Gémenos Rugby Club, of which he is a director!

Jean Philipakis

Jean was born in Marseille. He is heavily attached to his city and loves the Mediterranean. He has been importing fruits and vegetables into France for 25 years. He gained experience working for importers in Marseille, specialising in countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Greece. He founded Génération Fruit in 2007 to respond to changing requirements on the French market in terms of supply sources. A strong supporter of Olympique de Marseille, his favourite football club, he has just one motto: “Droit au but !”

Florent Gileta

In his spare time, Florent is a biker. Which isn’t surprising for this go-getter! While still a student at ISEMA in Avignon (Higher institute for agri-food management), he joined the profession at the age of 19 in the import department of a large regional group specialising in imports/exports of fruits and vegetables. His career path was surprising to no-one: his father was a producer-shipper of fruits and vegetables in Chateaurenard. He collected products as a summer job. He joined Génération Fruit in 2009. He specialises in South Africa, Israel and Egypt. Today, bolstered by his 10 years of experience, he works on securing new partnerships with South American producers.